2024 9th International Conference on Advances in Energy and Environment Research (ICAEER 2024)

Welcome ​​Researcher Peng Liu, Zhejiang University, China​ to be the TPC!


Researcher Peng Liu, Zhejiang University, China

刘鹏 研究员,浙江大学,中国

Peng Liu is a researcher of the Hundred Talents Program, Ph.D. supervisor, and is affiliated with the College of Energy Engineering at Zhejiang University.

Peng Liu obtained his Ph.D. degree in Engineering Thermophysics from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2017. From 2017 to 2023, he conducted postdoctoral research (2017.8-2021.2) and worked as a research scientist (2021.3-2023.5) at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia.

Peng Liu has been devoted to research on clean combustion of low-carbon fuels, hydrogen production from hydrocarbon fuels, utilization of CO2 through resource recycling, as well as the study of pollutant formation models, diagnostics, and control methods for combustion and hydrogen production processes. As of March 2023, he has published 29 SCI papers as the first author/corresponding author in top international journals in the fields of energy, combustion, and chemistry. He has also given 5 oral presentations at international combustion conferences. He has served as a committee member of the 6th International Workshop on Carbon Nanoparticle Measurement and Simulation, the chairman of the Carbon Black Session at the 13th Asia-Pacific International Combustion Symposium, the chairman of the Alternative Fuels and Emissions Session at the 13th U.S. Combustion Meeting, and the chairman of the academic seminar at KAUST in 2021-2022, guest editor in the journal of Processes.