2023 8th International Conference on Advances in Energy and Environment Research & Clean Energy and Energy Storage Technology Forum (ICAEER & CEEST 2023)

Welcome Prof. Zhao Ma, Shandong University, China to be the Local Organizing Chair!


Prof. Zhao Ma, Shandong University, China  (IEEE PES Member)

Ma Zhao, Ph.D., doctoral advisor, Distinguished Professor of Shandong University, Royal Chartered Engineer (CEng), Fellow of IET (FIET), Fellow of Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering (FCSEE), and internationally renowned expert in intelligent power distribution and power equipment. Currently, he is a strategic team member of the SC6 Special Committee of the International Council on Large Electric systems (CIGRE); Chairman of CIGRE Asia Pacific SC6; Chinese member of IEC SyC LVDC (Low Voltage Direct Current) Special Committee of the International Electrotechnical Commission; Member of the China Technical Committee of the International Council on Electricity Distribution (CIRED) and Chairman of the S4 Distributed Energy and Power Efficient Utilization Subcommittee; Consultant to IEEE PES (China) DC System Technical Advisory Committee. He has 40 years of experience in research, manufacturing, power companies, consulting, and education in the power industry. He has published over 100 academic papers, co authored 2 English monographs, authorized 8 invention patents, and more than 10 awards. His main research directions are: advanced power distribution and distributed energy systems, intelligent electrical equipment design/development and technical consulting, new energy medium and low voltage DC power distribution technology, integrated energy systems, and the application of artificial intelligence in electric energy systems.

马钊,博士,博导,山东大学特聘教授,英国皇家特许工程师(CEng),英国工程技术学会会士(FIET),中国电机工程学会外籍会士(FCSEE),国际知名智能配电和电力设备专家。现任国际大电网组织(CIGRE)SC6(主动配电系统及分布式能源)专委会战略小组成员;CIGRE 亚太区SC6主席;国际电工委员会IEC SyC LVDC(低压直流)专委会中国委员;国际供电会议组织(CIRED)中国技术委员会委员兼任S4分布式能源和电力有效利用分委会主席;IEEE PES(China)直流系统技术顾问委员会顾问。拥有40年电力行业科研、制造、电力公司、咨询和教育等方面的工作经验。发表学术论文百余篇,合著英文专著2部,授权发明专利8项。获得十余项国内外奖项。主要研究方向为: 先进配电和分布式能源系统,智能电器设备设计/研发与技术咨询、新能源中低压直流配电技术、综合能源系统、人工智能在电力能源系统中的应用等。